about us

about us

Our firm was started in 1956 as one of the first leather garment producers in London.

The firm started manufacturing garments in Old Street London, sourcing skins from a vibrant and active Tannery sector in the UK. We designed garments for a public, which after the war year was hungry for leather and casual wear after the formal pre war years and the austerity of the war.

The firm prospered over the years and supplied the Mail Order sector, which during the 70 and 80s was the largest distributor of leather garments. During this period we shifted manufacturing offshore as the market was looking for cheaper product and high volume, which could not be sourced in the UK with shortage of skilled labour and higher prices for skins. We shifted production to India, Pakistan and eventually to China. We continued to make Sheepskin in the UK until 2001 and were one of the largest manufacturers.

With the advent of new technology (around 2001) the Mail Order sector diminished and as we felt the Retail area was an unstable base to operate in we CHANGED the business OPERATION to Leather Processing and Leather Problem Solutions.

During the 2000 period the leather trade was booming with millions of units being imported. After 2007 the volumes diminished as leather went out of fashion, was replaced by fake leather and further as import prices more then doubled volumes when down

In 2007 we made the decision to expand our Business model by expanding our Warehouse to 70,000 sq ft and opening our expertise to ALL CLOTHING and ACCESSORIES.

  • We also opened our warehouse to SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT
  • Internet Fulfilment
  • Concession distribution
  • Pre retail preparation QC - Label - Press - Bag - Sort - Alterations etc
  • Storage and Distribution

New for 2014 additional 8000 sq ft warehouse

Key Areas
Garment Help

Garment Help devision for any kinds of apparel problems.

Universal Pro

Our processing facility for all types of fabric garments.

Leather Pro

Leather specialists with years of experience in this difficult area.

Our ebay shop

Garments needs love and attention, we understand that.